Rose Bowl - Early 4th Qtr (TweetCast)

Stanford 17, Wisconsin 14 with 11:21 in 4th Qtr

Rittenberg/Bennett (‏@ESPN_BigTen) - We said coming in that Stanford was like a Big Ten team. And this sure looks like a Big Ten game. #WISvsSTAN

Rittenberg/Bennett (‏@ESPN_BigTen) - Jet sweeps have been good for some good gains, but Stanford never loses outside containment that's required for huge plays. #WISvsSTAN

Rittenberg/Bennett (‏@ESPN_BigTen) - Wisconsin defense has been tremendous since the two early drives. #WISvsSTAN

Rittenberg/Bennett (‏@ESPN_BigTen) - How even is this game? Stanford has 271 yards, Wisconsin 266. #WISvsSTAN