First BMX backflip body varial landed

Special Greg's "Special flip"

Nitro Circus' Special Greg successfully landed a new trick that's being dubbed the "special flip"

"Special Greg" Powell, Travis Pastrana's cousin and fellow member of MTV's "Nitro Circus" series, landed the world's first "special flip" in Gosford, Australia on March 19, 2011.

The trick, a backflip while the bike stays stationary, was pulled over the 32-foot gap during the Nitro Circus Live Australian tour. According to reports, 27-year-old Powell, who joined the cast of "Nitro Circus" in 2009, has been attempting the trick for some time, riding away clean on the night of the 19th.

Not normally known for their BMX skills, the cast of "Nitro Circus," specifically Special Greg and Travis Pastrana, have been riding BMX for the past several years, and recently installed a Nate Wessel-designed BMX course at the Nitro Circus compound in Davidsonville, Maryland. According to BMX rider and ramp builder Nate Wessel, who built the course, "Travis wants Special Greg to get into BMX Big Air at the X Games, and he bet me $100 that he's going to have a medal in two years from the X Games."

Born in Annapolis, Maryland a few months apart from Pastrana, Special Greg, sponsored by Muscle Milk, Giant Bicycles, EVS, Ogio, DC Shoes, Aplpinestars and Smith Optics, shares many of the same traits as Pastrana. "At this point all of our Nitro Circus friends and fam should for all intents and purposes be mature adults by now," says Powell on his personal Web site. "This just isn't the case. We are still pushing, still dreaming, still striving to accomplish things that far exceed our ability levels."

In the past weeks, the Nitro Circus Live shows in Australia and New Zealand played host to other seemingly new BMX tricks, including the no-handed double frontflip and attempts at a superman double frontflip from Andy Buckworth. Buckworth believed he was the first to pull the no-handed double frontflip, but in a Red Bull interview published on March 30, Anthony Napolitan was quoted as saying that he had pulled it earlier.