Dhers, Guettler open The BMX House

Dave Mirra's private warehouse, The Animal House, is now under the control of Ryan Guettler and Daniel Dhers. Courtesy of The BMX House

Since the mid '00s, Dave Mirra has operated a private skatepark warehouse in Greenville, N.C. to ride, train and expand his BMX horizons without the added pressure of riding in a public park. The warehouse, dubbed 'The Animal House' by Mirra, was the subject of debate in this year's Greenville BMX documentary "Pro Town: Greenville." According to the film, Mirra had constructed the warehouse for his own riding, and limited the amount of visitors to ride there, which caused a rift between Mirra and other riders in the Greenville area, including longtime friend and Haro teammate Ryan Nyquist. In the end, everyone worked out their differences and Mirra eventually did open up The Animal House to more riders.

But times are changing. Mirra, now age 37, seems more focused on the 2011 Rally America Season, where he currently sits number two in overall standings. And The Animal House, according to Greenville transplant and former Mirraco team rider Ryan Guettler, is undergoing new changes as well. "Dave had this warehouse, and kept it private with minimal low key sessions. And Mirra was thinking more about Rally. So me and Daniel [Dhers] have taken it over," says Guettler.

"That means we get to switch it up. We can put dirt jumps out back. We can do whatever we want with it, and I wanna open it up to kids to come ride. I wanna do amateur contests. I really feel like amateur contests are the next generation. I also want to start filming more at the warehouse. Get more exposure on it, and get it back in magazines," he adds.

The warehouse, now dubbed "The BMX House," is opening its doors to all riders. Two-hour sessions, running on an evolving weekly schedule, will cost $25, with all proceeds from the sessions going towards paying the bills at The BMX House and keeping the doors open. Dhers and Guettler will also be hosting BMX camps, a yet-to-be-named amateur series and a Web video series based on the game of B.I.K.E.

Dhers and Guettler have also stressed that riders please coordinate with The BMX House through their new Facebook page or e-mail (bmxwarehouse (at) hotmail dot com) before randomly showing up and hoping to ride.

Mirra continues to ride BMX and operate Mirraco Bike Company, but for now, is concentrating on the heated Rally America season, competing this weekend at the STPR race in Wellsboro, Pa.

Meanwhile, Ryan Nyquist's warehouse The Unit remains open to Greenville BMX pros.