SASS announces guided global trips

Rip pow in Silverton, Colo. with one of the world's most experienced guides. Aaron Dodds/SASS

South America Snow Sessions (SASS) earned their reputation as connoisseurs of backcountry, foreign culture, and fun by opening up the first "summer" camp in South America in 2004. Over the years, the positive response from campers and pros alike has lead to big growth for SASS. With the announcement Tuesday of their Global Travel division, SASS is now adding guided surfing trips in places like Puerto Rico and Nicaragua, as well as Northern Hemisphere winter snowboarding destinations Niseko, Japan, Silverton, Colo. and Jay, Vt. to their guided adventure plate.

"We wanted to offer unique snow experiences in places people already go to shred, and places they wouldn't have thought to go," says Ryan Dunfee, SASS Sales and Sustainability Manager.

With their focus on cultural immersion and off-piste exploration, you can bet the Niseko trip will be belly-to-chest deep in dry, Japanese powder, plus all the sushi you can eat. Silverton offers the high-alpine bowls, steeps and guiding from one of the most experienced Silverton locals around. And Jay -- well, that little gem is the diamond in the Northeast rough. This cabin trip in the woods will grant you access to some of the highest snowfalls in the region, as well as to some tightly-guarded Vermont secret stashes.

Tapping unique lodges and seldom-explored areas is part of the SASS program. Add in guides, and the backcountry safety knowledge and awareness they provide, and you begin to get the full SASS picture.

"Instead of a boiler-plate vacation where you might get good waves or snow but you don't feel like you met anybody, got to know the place, or were really a part of it, you walk away feeling like you really experienced a place and its people, not to mention rode the best waves or snow possible," says Dunfee.

Keeping things cool is also a SASS Global Travel priority. From offering carbon offsets to reduce the impact of traveling to and from destinations, to using biofuels and green houses in Argentina and working with local operations that provide solar-powered treehouses in Puerto Rico, SASS aims to make global shredding a more sustainable situation.

SASS says they will be adding more trips and destinations soon.