Second lay day called at Quik Pro

Quiksilver Pro France will resume with Round 2 after an official call is made. ASP

On Wednesday, local time, a second consecutive lay day was called for the Quiksilver Pro at Hossegor, France. Both of the event's venues -- at Estagnot and Les Bourdaines -- were assessed several times during the morning and while clean winds were on offer it was determined that the waves lacked enough size to warrant running the event.

"We've taken most of the day assessing conditions at various spots and decided that we should call competition off for the day," ASP International Head Judge Rich Porta said. "We'll be back tomorrow morning at 7:45 a.m. To check conditions at Les Bourdaines."

Promising swells are lining up in the north Atlantic for the end of the week and weekend, with six-to-seven foot waves expected for Thursday and Friday followed by potentially larger surf on Saturday. However, concern remains regarding what the winds will do. "The atmospheric models have really struggled to understand exactly what will happen and as a result the forecast is jumping up and down with its call for wind," the event's official forecaster wrote on the event web page. "But looking across all available data, it currently looks like an onshore situation Thursday morning, getting lighter during the day with offshore Friday before stronger winds start to blow for the weekend."

The event window for the Quiksilver Pro France closes on Tuesday, September 21. When competition resumes, the fourth heat of Round 2, featuring Damien Hobgood versus Travis Logie, will be first in the water.

To watch the live stream of the event once it's called on, go to www.quiksilverpro.com.