Twitter reaction: Dolphins fans on Patriots, 'Deflategate' findings

NFL finds Pats personnel probably deflated balls

Dan Graziano discusses the news the NFL has found that it is probable the Patriots deliberately deflated balls during the AFC Championship Game in January and that QB Tom Brady was generally aware of what was happening.

The Miami Dolphins have been chasing the rival New England Patriots for the past dozen years.

In that span, New England has won four Super Bowls and the Dolphins haven’t made the playoffs since 2008. The lopsidedness of this rivalry has caused animosity and angst among Miami fans.

But Dolphins fans do have a reason to poke and prod Patriots fans Wednesday. The Ted Wells report on “Deflategate” was released Wednesday afternoon and the details are not favorable for the Patriots. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports quarterback Tom Brady and two New England employees could face discipline.

Here is Wednesday’s Twitter reaction from Dolphins fans on Brady and the Patriots following the Wells investigation:

There was a range of response from Dolphins fans, but most believe the report’s conclusion that Brady was aware of deflated footballs, which questions the integrity of the game.

If Brady faces a suspension, New England’s first set of games is against the Pittsburgh Steelers, at Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars, at Dallas Cowboys and at Indianapolis Colts. The Dolphins do not face the Patriots until Week 8 (seventh game) and Week 17 (16th game).