Finding another Tony Romo won't be easy

March, 20, 2013

IRVING, Texas -- A faction of you want Tony Romo gone from the Dallas Cowboys.

You're tired of the big-game flops and meltdowns when it matters most. You don't want to see Jerry Jones give him a long-term deal -- think six years and $100 million with at least $40 million guaranteed -- because you don't believe in your heart that Romo can deliver the Vince Lombardi Trophy you so desperately crave.

I get that. All of that.

You see Romo's talent, and it's mesmerizing. You see the mistakes he makes at winning time, and it's mind-numbing.

Some of you figure the Cowboys have just completed consecutive 8-8 seasons with Romo, so why should the club spend close to $100 million for that? You believe, perhaps, the money would be better spent fortifying other aspects of the team.

Here's the problem: You're not guaranteed to find another Romo. Scoff if you want, but it's true.

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Jean-Jacques Taylor joined in August 2011. A native of Dallas, Taylor spent the past 20 years writing for The Dallas Morning News, where he covered high schools sports, the Texas Rangers and spent 11 seasons covering the Dallas Cowboys before becoming a general columnist in 2006.



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