GM not ready to call Rangers buyers yet

June, 17, 2013
While Jon Daniels' interview on Friday with ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM's "Fitzsimmons and Durrett" show featured plenty of Jurickson Profar talk, there was another big takeaway from the chat: Daniels wasn't ready to proclaim his team a buyer yet.

General manager Jon Daniels joins Fitzsimmons & Durrett to discuss the Rangers' offensive struggles, injuries and the plan for Jurickson Profar once Ian Kinsler returns from the disabled list.

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"We always want to be a buyer," Daniels said. "The last three or four years when we’ve been in that mode it’s a lot more fun than the alternative. But we need to play well to put ourselves in that position. And so 99 percent of our preparation is looking at that -- who’s going to be available and what can we do and who can we add -- but we still have six weeks until the deadline. A lot can happen between now and then."

Daniels was asked later in the interview about whether this team had to earn the title of buyer.

"Of course," Daniels said. "And that’s not a challenge to the club. I love these guys. We’re all in it together, but that’s just the reality. If we get healthy and play to our level of talent and the makeup that’s on this team, I think you know -- from an organizational standpoint -- we’re going to do everything we can to support them and add. Nobody wants to win as much as we do, but we’ve got to get there [near the trade deadline] first. I think it’s a little premature to be talking about it as far as the trade deadline."

Daniels said it wasn't a "challenge to the club," but in reality, it is. Too often fans assume the front office has to ride to the rescue, trade a bunch of the farm and fix a struggling club. But, as Daniels indicated, it doesn't work that way. But it's mid-June. By the time the deadline rolls around in late July, this team will be playing better (yep, I believe that … it's a long season, and they are better than they've shown) and Daniels will be active. But it never hurts for the GM to get the message across that his club has to improve. That's what Daniels was doing on Friday.



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