A closer look at the contract of Panthers CB Charles Tillman


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Here’s a close look at the one-year deal the Carolina Panthers gave 34-year-old cornerback Charles Tillman last week, according to ESPN Stats & Information:

Average per year: $1.75 million

Signing bonus: $350,000

Roster bonus: $15,625 per game on the 46-man roster with a maximum of $250,000

Workout bonus: $150,000

Playing-time incentives: Up to $1.3 million in NLTBE [Not Likely To Be Earned] based on playing time, interceptions and Pro Bowl selections

Salary-cap hit: $1,531,250

Guaranteed: $350,000

Assessment: The total deal could reach $3.05 million if Tillman reaches all of his incentives, which is doubtful. If he does, that’s a bonus for the Panthers. Either way, Carolina hasn’t invested a really big number for a two-time Pro Bowl player. It is designed to reward Tillman if he stays healthy, which he hasn’t done the past two seasons because of a torn triceps tendon. It is designed to protect the Panthers in case Tillman is injured or his age catches up with him and he isn’t a full-time contributor. For a player who also is expected to be a solid locker-room presence, there’s really not much risk here.