Fast 5: Coolest cheat codes in sports games

May, 7, 2013
From big heads to evil clowns, sports games back in the day offered some crazy cheats. Here are our favorites.

Courtesy of SegaNBA Jam was known for rim-rocking dunks and the ability to play with celebs like Bill Clinton.
Play as the president: “NBA Jam” broke new ground with codes to play as politicians such as President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore.

Finish Him!: “NFL Blitz” featured the ability to play as Raiden and Shinnok from “Mortal Kombat.” Wonder what the NFL would think about that now?

Be Like Mike: Back when Michael Jordan took himself out of NBA-licensed video games, Konami and EA Sports both featured secret codes to unlock MJ in “NBA in the Zone” and “Live.”

Evil Clowns: “MLB SlugFest” included codes to unlock teams of evil clowns, horses, and bobbleheads.

Big Heads: What’s better than seeing Shawn Kemp helicopter through the air for a dunk in "NBA Jam"? Shawn Kemp with a big head dunking, that’s what.

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