SEC wants transparency with cost-of-attendance


It's no secret that outgoing SEC commissioner Mike Slive is a big fan of full cost-of-attendance. After all, it increases an athletic scholarship's value by providing student-athletes with spending money to help cover school-related expenses not named tuition, housing, books or regular fees.

But Slive and the rest of the powers that be in the SEC would like full transparency from schools when the Power 5's new COA measure goes into effect in August. Unfortunately for the SEC, that didn't pass, so under the new measure the schools' COA distribution is basically left up to the institution and the U.S. Department of Education.

"No one's offered an explanation to me as to the voting outcome in January on the transparency piece," said Greg Sankey, who takes over for Slive in August. "We thought, and still think, that's a very helpful component."

This is about varying numbers from schools, which means some will get way more than others.

You can read more about the SEC's thoughts on transparency concerning the COA legislation at AL.com.