Jason Varitek sees progress in injury

Updated: August 21, 2010, 6:50 PM ET
By Joe McDonald | ESPNBoston.com

BOSTON -- The Boston Red Sox conducted a conference call Friday night in reference to the progress of injured catcher Jason Varitek.

On the call were manager Terry Francona, medical director Dr. Thomas Gill, head trainer Mike Reinold, Varitek and his representatives from the Boras Group. The prognosis is Varitek won't hurt his fractured right foot further even though he's feeling discomfort.

"He's able to advance forward and continue his progression, he's not quite ready to play in a game yet," Francona said. "The good part is if he feels discomfort, neither doctor thought [Varitek] was putting himself in jeopardy, so that was good to hear and Tek felt relieved by that."

Varitek has been on the disabled list since July 2, when the Tampa Bays Rays' Carl Crawford fouled a ball off Varitek's right foot. But the catcher admits he's not getting frustrated despite the continued discomfort.

"I've been encouraged," Varitek said. "I haven't gone backwards. You want it done yesterday, but you look at it where last homestand, I couldn't walk without a bad limp. So that's encouraging."

Varitek will continue to increase the workload and will be able to soon concentrate on moving more laterally during his workouts.

"I need to get to another gear and another level of running with less limping," Varitek said. "It's getting better. It's moving along."

Still a ways off from a minor league rehab assignment, Varitek now knows there will always be discomfort until he's able to rest it during the offseason.

"It's going to hurt for a while," he said.

Joe McDonald covers the Red Sox and the Bruins for ESPNBoston.com.

Joe McDonald

Reporter, ESPNBoston.com