All They Want For Christmas

Christmastime is here, so ESPNBoston.com asked Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins players about their all-time favorite Christmas gift. Here's what they had to say.

Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox second baseman

"A basketball hoop that I got when I was a kid. It was a small one, so I could dunk on it -- that's probably why it was my favorite."

Glen "Big Baby" Davis, Celtics forward

"SEGA Genesis, and my favorite game to play on it was '[Sonic the] Hedgehog' -- that and my He-Man doll. I love Christmas. I love filling the stockings and then I'd have to say receiving gifts best."

Milan Lucic, Bruins left wing

"When I was a kid, the Synergy one-piece hockey sticks first came out, 'and that's one thing I remember growing up. I'd have to say that one is my favorite."

Jacoby Ellsbury, Red Sox left fielder

"Everyone in our family, we get a present for each other and open it on Christmas Eve. The regular Nintendo, when it first came out, and playing one of the 'Super Mario Brothers' games was my all-time favorite."

Kendrick Perkins, Celtics center

"I think Christmas is overrated. See, with Thanksgiving, you don't have to buy gifts. People go about Christmas all the wrong ways. You know, 'I'm gonna buy this person this for Christmas.' They forget the real meaning of it. So that's why I think Thanksgiving is really more important to me than Christmas because I think Christmas has got more to the point of being about gift-bringing and stuff like that. But if I had to pick, it would be when I was 7. It was the first time I got my bike, which was the best one, the best Christmas present I got. I mean, I had training wheels on it at first. Then I kind of graduated from there and got them taken off and just moved up from there."

Zdeno Chara, Bruins defenseman

"My first bike. Yes, my first cycling bike. It was nice, blue, I remember, and I was about 5."

Ryan Kalish, Red Sox outfielder

"A trip to Aruba. I was a junior or senior in high school. It was a family surprise."

Tuukka Rask, Bruins goalie

"Of all time?! My first mask. I was 12. I also have always loved the food we eat at Christmas. In Finland, our food for Christmas is different. We eat a nice ham with a little mustard on it, Finnish bread and stuff like that."

Nate Robinson, Celtics guard

"I have two: My dad bought me an electric football back in the day and he bought me my first Michael Jordan jersey when I was a kid."

Johnny Boychuk, Bruins defenseman

"I'm usually not able to be with family on Christmas, so a home-cooked meal is the best present you can give me."

John Lackey, Red Sox right-handed pitcher

"A football uniform. I got full pads and helmet one year."

Delonte West, Celtics guard

"This is crazy because my mom and me were sitting in the car on the way here talking about Christmas. We were joking about the old times where leading into Christmas you would write a three-page-long Christmas list on loose-leaf paper and staple it together. I remember getting up early in the morning, 4 a.m., opening your presents up, trying to hook up your SEGA game or your Super Nintendo and realizing you still have to get some batteries. Even though it was a rough time, we were happy poor. By the time Christmas comes around, my mom would tell you, 'Just circle your top three things that you want.' It would come down to me getting a new SEGA game or get my clothes off of layaway at Marshalls. I would say getting your stuff off of layaway is my favorite gift."

Darnell McDonald, Red Sox free agent

"Remember when the first Nintendo came out? My brother and I got the first Nintendo with the game 'Track & Field.' Oh my goodness, we played that all day nonstop."

Shawn Thornton, Bruins right wing

"This sounds so cheesy but I spent three Christmases by myself in a hotel, so just being with family is probably the best present. It's cheesy, but it's true."

Mark Stuart, Bruins defenseman

"I like this chain that I wear. It's a silver cross on a shield that my brother got for himself, myself, my other brother and my dad. So us four all have the same exact chain, so that's a gift that is up there. But something I really love about Christmas is that we're an Italian family, so we'd eat bonyacalda. It's an Italian tradition we eat on Christmas Eve. It's awesome. Your breath is going to stink like garlic, but it's something I look forward to every year."