Light not losing sleep over Suggs

Patriots facing another young QB

Updated: October 1, 2009, 7:28 PM ET
By Chris Forsberg |

FOXBOROUGH -- A trio of leftovers from Thursday at Gillette Stadium:

1. Keeping it Light Patriots offensive tackle Matt Light playfully groaned when he saw the media approaching his locker Thursday, but engaged in a few minutes of lively conversation with a pack of reporters.

Asked if the best way to neutralize the Ravens' defense was to pound them with the run, Light had an easier suggestion: "It's pretty much just to block them. You can't take them out of what they do. They're going to put personnel groups out there the way they want. It just comes down to doing your job."

When asked if linebacker Terrell Suggs kept him up at night, Light joked: "No, I sleep like a baby."

2. Burgess's wild week. Linebacker Prescott Burgess could only laugh when asked about his whirlwind week, which started last Tuesday when the Patriots traded a conditional seventh-round pick to Baltimore for the Michigan product, then saw him get cut this past Monday with the addition of Terdell Sands, only to be re-signed the practice squad on Wednesday.

"I'm happy to have a job here," said Burgess. "Wherever the team decides I'm going to be at, I'm going to be at. I just gotta make the best of it."

One report indicated Burgess nearly landed back in Baltimore after being waived by the Patriots.

"I have no idea what happened, all I know is I'm still here," said Burgess. "It's a numbers game. So you just gotta go with the team and where they need you. Right now I'm here with the Patriots."

Burgess was peppered with questions about knowledge he could impart to the Patriots' coaches after spending two-plus seasons with Baltimore. He danced around the questions, but seemed to suggest he'd be more than willing to share what he knows.

"That's between me and the coaches," said Burgess. "I don't have the right to discuss what me and the coaches talk about. Like I said before, if they ask me something, I have enough info I can give them."

During a conference call Wednesday, Patriots coach Bill Belichick was asked by members of the Baltimore media about using Burgess's knowledge.

"Well, that's not really the main reason why he's here," said Belichick. "We traded for Prescott because we wanted some depth at linebacker, and we've watched him play this year in the preseason and in the first couple of regular-season games and knew about him, of course, and had an interest in him when he came out of college at Michigan. And we have a couple other Michigan linebackers that he played with there, or they played with him, however you want to look at it. When I talked to [Baltimore GM] Ozzie [Newsome], and we consummated the trade and he was available, we brought him on our team to try to give him an opportunity to work into our system and help our team. I think he's worked hard; he's done a good job. We made a roster move on Monday to add Terdell Sands to the team, but we're still working with Prescott. I think he's got a future here, and I'm glad we're working with him. I like having him here."

3. Springs on young QBs. For the third time in as many weeks, the Patriots will face a young, but talented quarterback, this time second-year signal-caller Joe Flacco. Patriots defensive back Shawn Springs was asked if teams could take advantage of young QBs any more.

"The league is changing," said Springs. "A lot of guys that have been drafted high are coming our really prepared. Obviously, Flacco, after the year he had last year as a rookie, he was fine, he was great. Over the last 5-6 years, maybe even 10 years with Tom [Brady] and Peyton [Manning] & [quarterbacks have] come into the league as young guys, produced, and done well. Now you have guys like Ben Roethlisberger & Flacco could be the same way.

"[Jets QB Mark] Sanchez, [Atlanta QB Matt] Ryan, these QBs that are coming into the league now are coming in prepared, ready to go. They're not sitting around for 3 or 4 years developing under a veteran quarterback. They've been throw into the fire and doing well."

Asked about Flacco during that same conference call with the Baltimore media, Belichick said: "I think he's done a real good job, and his record speaks for that. He had a great year last year, going to the [AFC] Championship game, and this year he already has three wins, and a great win on the road in San Diego and two very productive games against Kansas City and Cleveland at home. And he looked good in preseason, so I think he's doing a good job as is their entire offense. It's no one-man band there. They've got outstanding players all the way across the board on that unit -- running backs, tight ends, receivers, offensive line, you know, a good offensive scheme that creates a lot of variety and gives you a lot of things to worry about defensively, to defend. So, it's a good group effort, but he's certainly done his part and done a great job of managing the team and throwing the ball and making plays and avoiding the bad ones."

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