Cars on many holiday wish lists

Updated: December 21, 2009, 3:46 PM ET
By Louise K. Cornetta |

What's on your holiday wish list? For Boston athletes, you may think they have everything, but there are still a few items they'd like to get. No peace on earth or health and happiness answers here, athletes were instead asked what is the one item they'd like Santa to leave them under the tree?


Rajon Rondo, Celtics PG: "A Bugatti, it's a car, in black and the newest one. If you don't know what that is, look that up."

Glen Davis, Celtics F: "A Mac computer. I need one and don't have one. I want a big Mac notebook to put in my home office."

Marquis Daniels, Celtics G: "I'm easygoing and not picky, but I'd take some new suits. No specific brand, just ones that look nice. And some winter gear, some winter clothes -- like a couple of jackets now that that I'm living in Boston."

Bill Walker, Celtics G/F: "An HD video camera. Reality TV is the thing right now. So that would be good. I could have my own reality show."

Shelden Williams, Celtics F: "An all paid big house with everything that I want inside it: A movie theater room, a big game room, an exercise room, a lot of room for my family and people I have come in like my parents, a swimming pool with a retractable roof so it can be indoor and outdoor, so that, a tennis court, basketball court outside, just basically what everybody wants, but don't really have."

AP Photo/Gurinder OsanWhich Bruins forward is wishing for a 612 Ferrari Scaglietti (in black though) for the holidays?

Red Sox

Jason Varitek, Red Sox C: "Tough question, it's stuff I don't think about. I'd say my own plane because then I could go and fly anytime I wanted."

Jon Lester, Red Sox LHP: "A plane so I could fly anywhere I wanted to." Mike Lowell, Red Sox 3B chimes in too with, "Any material object? I would like a plane at my disposal at all times. So I can go wherever I want."

Nick Green, Red Sox SS: "I've been trying to get J.D. Drew to buy me a car. Any kind. If he gives it to me, I'll take any kind. He should buy me a car because he's rich and I'm not and because he needs to be a nice guy. I always give him a hard time."

Daniel Bard, Red Sox RHP: "I have everything I want. There's no dream car or anything as I have a truck and I love it. I'm not a real materialistic person, but I'd love a vacation. It's not so much the cost of it, but it's the timing. I'd like to go to Europe for like a month and not have to worry about baseball. But we have so much stuff to do in the offseason with workouts and stuff that it's probably not realistic until baseball is done."

Michael Bowden, Red Sox RHP: "Material possession? A beautiful home in a very nice area."

Billy Wagner, Former Red Sox LHP: "I think we've already got it. I've got everything."

Clay Buchholz, Red Sox RHP: "To grow up and have a happy family. My wife would like us to have a happy marriage and then our kids growing up and being healthy. As far as possessions, I don't need a car as I just bought one. A house, we've been looking. So one of the nicer houses we've been looking at in Palis Verdes, California would be a good great."

Jason Bay, Free agent LF: "Like a physical thing or a super power? I'd have to say the new Astin Martan coming out. The Aston Martin Rapide. It's also about three or four hundred thousand dollars, pricey, but it's a gorgeous car. I'd say that, even if it was just for a day."


Tim Thomas, Bruins G: "Forty acres of hunting land to hunt deer especially, but if there were bear on the property that would be even better."

Shawn Thornton, Bruins LW: "A house that's on a golf course and the ocean."

Milan Lucic, Bruins LW: "A car would be nice. I like Ferrari's a lot. I'd have to go with the 612 Ferrari Scaglietti. Black, I would have to go with the black. I know red is the Ferrari color, but I would have to go with black. If you could give me that, I'd be very thankful."

Matt Hunwick, Bruins D: "I can't say good health for my family? Actually, I would really like an old sports car convertible. Maybe like a Camero somewhere between '69 or '72, somewhere in there, fully redone, that would be pretty sweet. I'd want it to be orange with white racing stripes. Something I would see in Detroit, where I'm from. I'd see a lot of classic cars there."

Tuukka Rask, Bruins G: "A nice house back in Finland, that would be really nice."

Blake Wheeler, Bruins LW: "I can't get cheesy and say a championship? I'd say a house on the ocean somewhere too."

Johnny Boychuk, Bruins D: "A boat. I always like being on the water. Going fishing and tubing. I'd name the boat ... I'm a big Red Sox fan, so maybe I could name it The Monster."