Chiarelli: I'm taking either Seguin or Hall

6/25/2010 - Boston Bruins

LOS ANGELES -- Other organizations are trying, but the Bruins and general manager Peter Chiarelli are not budging.

On the eve of the draft, Chiarelli said he was keeping the No. 2 overall selection in Friday's NHL Entry Draft and he will select either Tyler Seguin or Taylor Hall, depending which player Edmonton takes at No. 1.

"I've had a couple of interesting e-mails, but I'm not trading that pick," said Chiarelli -- again. "I'm taking that pick and selecting one of those forwards."

Chiarelli has had no recent movement in talks with Edmonton general manager Steve Tambellini, but he said the two will talk at least two more times before 7 p.m. Friday night, when the puck drops on the draft. Chiarelli emerged from his meetings on Thursday morning and his staff is in agreement on which player they would prefer.

"We've got one above the other, but what I've said all along is I think the gap is so small -- if there is a gap," Chiarelli said. "Ultimately you have to pick one over the other, so we have one over the other."

Because the Bruins have three picks in the top 45 this year and have another four in the first two rounds in 2011, Chiarelli believes there's no need to do something that's not necessary.

"What I can tell you is that I'm not in a position right now, and I don't think I will be, to go to Edmonton and say, 'Here's this, this, this and this and let us take our guy.' I think those players are so good at one and two that it's not worth it to me to go and give something up," he said. "I don't know if [Edmonton] is even in a position to entertain that."

Chiarelli and Tambellini have not had that kind of detailed discussion to this point and the Bruins GM doesn't think that will happen.

"There are a lot of combinations and permutations and strategically how you approach this," Chiarelli said. "If you feel that strongly, right now we do have a player rated No. 1 and a player rated No. 2, but they're both so good I'm not running over chairs and jumping over things to get that player we have at one."

The Bruins originally had four picks, but lost their 15th overall selection to the Panthers in the Nathan Horton deal earlier this week. Besides the No. 2 pick, Boston also has 32 and 45. Chiarelli said the reason he was able to deal away No. 15 was because the draft is so deep there is still a chance to get the player they have ranked at 15 at 32.

"Anytime you've got multiple picks in later rounds, teams approach you about moving up," he said. "Teams have approached me about out two second-round picks for a first. I'm not inclined to do that right now, but who knows the day of the draft."

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