Jocks to GIs: Chamique Holdsclaw

5/20/2003 - Washington Mystics

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March 28-31, 2003 | April 1 - May 2

From: Jackson, Maurice SSGT 410 AEW/MXS
Sent: Monday, May 19, 2003 6:32 PM
To: Chamique Holdsclaw
Subject: Sorry about that


I guess I should start by catching you up on things. The email was shut down before I left but I am finally home -- and my sister is as well.

I left the first week in May. It is so good to be home on American soil. I still laugh when I see green grass, I saw none while I was away. My body is almost back to normal now.

Yes, the transition in Iraq will be a huge undertaking to pull off. Its funny but it appears that the only thing these foolish terrorist attacks are accomplishing is a bigger US presence in the region which is what they don't want. One day they will figure out thats not the way to bring about change. No, unfortunately we didn't have Armed Forces TV where I was located.

I was at the persuasion game against Cleveland. I almost asked one of the MCI reps to get word to you that I was there but I was a little too shy. I will be at the home opener though on June 6th. I was sitting right behind the backboard and I didn't like what I saw when Jenny Mowe was in the post. They were beating her up down there. I would like to see her get just a little more aggressive on the offensive end of the court. You didn't have a good shooting game but you played well. I think Sonja Henning will be a good addition as well. But the Mystics always seem to have a point guard that won't shoot the ball. I think she took one shot that game. Teams have to know that you are not the only threat on offense. I think Asjha Jones will step up this year if given the opportunity. Aiysha Smith will do work this year as well.

I have some time off this week so I am just going to relax. I have a little karaoke spot that I go to downtown near the Smithsonian on Wednesdays and relax and I will probably go there this week and unwind. I can't thank you enough for participating in the program. I truly appreciate that and I will never forget it. I have a cousin thats married to a NBA player and they are suppose to throw me and my sister a big party. He is still in the playoffs currently though so it won't be until thats over.

He plays for the Dallas Mavericks. I would be honored if you could attend. I want to thank you again for all your support and I wish you and the Mystics much success this year. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks again.


From: Chamique Holdsclaw

Sent: Saturday, May 3, 2003 10:00 PM
To: Jackson, Maurice SSGT 410 AEW/MXS
Subject: Maurice?

Hi Maurice,

Just wondering how you are doing. I haven't heard from you in awhile. Please let me know that you are safe and sound and hopefully on your way back home.

God Bless,

See previous e-mail between Chamique Holdsclaw and SSgt. Maurice Jackson:

March 28-31, 2003 | April 1 - May 2