Jocks to GIs: Mark Prior


From: Mark Prior

Sent: Wednesday, April 2, 2003 10:53 AM
To: Toby Winn 363 EMDG/AIREVAC14
Subject: RE: Hey


Glad to hear things are slow. I hope they stay real slow. I just saw on the news yesterday that we rescued one of our MIAs. That is good news.

Everything in the clubhouse is good. Guys get along great and we are hanging out a lot more than we did last year, at least it seems that way. Of course I was just a rookie last year so nobody wanted to hang with me. Just Kidding. Like I said in the previous emails, guys like playing for Dusty. He has brought a different mentality to our club this year. I know it has only been one game but I noticed a difference just in Spring Training. As for me on days that I am not scheduled to pitch, I usually just work out. Throw a couple of bullpens in between starts and lift/run. I usually get all of that out of the way before batting practice even starts so once that starts it is pretty much just hanging out. Yesterday, we had a day off. Already, one game day off. I wish they would save that day for another day somewhere in August. I know if I was a hitter I would want to play as fast as possible after we put up 15 runs. Oh well, got to roll with it.

I haven't been able to get a hold of my buddy. He is somewhere in the desert, but I am not sure where. I am pretty sure he has no way of communicating with anyone over here. Its too bad, but I am sure he is handling it as best as all of you guys do.

I know you can't go into specifics, but what is it like? Are you just camped out in the middle of the desert or is there civilization around you at all? I saw the picture you sent, is that your Hummer? I am surprised you guys don't have the H2s over there. Seems like everyone has them out in Arizona and California.

Well, hope all is well and best of luck. Fill you in on how we are doing the next time I write.


From: Toby Winn 363 EMDG/AIREVAC14

Sent: Tuesday, April 1, 2003 10:08 AM
To: Mark Prior
Subject: Hey


Thanks for the reply. I was happy to hear that you guys won 15-2. What a way to start a new year! I really like the team that you all have this year including Dusty. I watched the news all off season looking to see what moves were being made. I couldn't wait for the season to start. The starting pitching is awesome. How are things in the club house this year with Dusty Baker there? All I hear from the media is that the club house was somewhat divided last year. I got to see a little of the game on AFN and it showed Dusty shaking Kerry Wood's hand congratulating him on his game. I thought that was pretty cool. I was impressed with the stats that Corey Patterson put up as well as Juan Cruz. Actually everyone looked to be ready to play. I have been saying this for many years but I think you guys are going to surprise some folks this year. What are days like for you when you aren't scheduled to pitch?

Here things aren't too bad yet. Since I am a medic it is a good thing its slow. I would prefer it being slow as opposed to our guys getting hurt and me being busy. We will probably be moving forward before long. Right now where we are at it isn't too bad. We have dorm rooms instead of tents. Before long though I will be living in tents and eating MRE's (Meals ready to eat). It sounds like our showers will consist of baby wipes. Once I leave, my emails might not be as frequent but I will look forward to sending them as I am allowed (and also receiving updates as you get time). Are you able to keep in touch with your friend that you went to high school with?

I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to write me. It makes being over here a little better. I look forward to reading about more Cub wins. Best of luck when you pitch next. Take care.


From: Mark Prior

Sent: Monday, March 31, 2003 8:30 PM
To: Toby Winn 363 EMDG/AIREVAC14
Subject: RE: Go Cubs


Thanks for writing. I just got your emails because ESPN just gave me my information on how to access this account. Sorry about that. Let me jump right into it.

We won the season opener today (hope you are sitting down for this) 15-2. Patterson went 4-6 with 2 HRs and 7RBIs. It was a cold day but a lot of fun. I love playing for Dusty. He is a good guy, and I think most of the team likes to play for him. We take on his personality a lot on the field. I am sure you guys are the same when it comes to your superior officer. Anyway, I am looking forward to this season. It looks like a promising one to come.

I hope things are going well over there. I have a good friend over there in the army. He is a tank guy, whatever you call them. We went to high school together so I am thinking about him as well as all of you. I am very thankful and grateful for what you and others do to protect us here at home as well as the others over there who can't fight for themselves.

Well, I wish you all the best and look forward to keeping this up.

Mark Prior

From: Toby Winn 363 EMDG/AIREVAC14

Sent: Saturday, March 29, 2003 12:53 PM
To: Mark Prior
Subject: Go Cubs

Mark Prior,

Hello, my name is Toby Winn. I am a 27 year old male enlisted in the
United States Air Force. I have been in the Air Force for just under nine
years. I am currently deployed to Saudi Arabia. I have been here since early
March. The base I am at is called Prince Sultan Air Base. It is located
approximately one hour from Riyadh. I am an Aero medical Evacuation
Technician. Basically, that means I am a medic that rides on airplanes that
are sent to pick up injured people. I then take care of them during their
flight to locations that are safe and can take care of their needs.

I am married to my beautiful wife and have a beautiful daughter. My
wife's name is Claudia. I proposed to her at Wrigley Field on September 27,
2001. I am a huge Chicago Cubs fan and have been for a long time. Claudia
knew very little about baseball when we first met but is learning. She seems
to like it and is becoming a Cubs fan more and more each day. My daughters
name is Alexis. Her one year birthday was March 18, 2002. She has already
been to three baseball games. Her very first game was the one you pitched
your first pro game at Wrigley Field. She too (whether she knows it or not)
is a huge Cub fan. I look forward to coming back home and taking my family
to watch games at Wrigley Field.

I am very honored and pleased to be able to be able to communicate with you. Thank you very much for your time.

Toby Winn