Vote: Most Improved Player of the Year


Below are the midseason candidates for NBA Most Improved Player of the Year. Cast your vote in the poll on the left-hand side of the page and see how your votes compare to the rest of SportsNation.

Gilbert Arenas
Gilbert got fried in the press when he left Arizona at age 19, but he's shined in NBA arenas in his second year. He's in a shooting slump but his all-around play has been a very pleasant surprise for the Warriors.

Ricky Davis
He won't win the Teammate of the Year award, but Davis' scoring prowess and gravity-defying dunks have made him a SportsCenter superstar, and, at age 23, he's growing by leaps and bounds.

Matt Harpring
Harpring has found the perfect team for his talents. The methodical Utah offense has done wonders for his shooting, and his rebounding skills, defense and overall toughness have made the Jazz a surprise out West.

Richard Jefferson
Some think he's the most athletic player in the league, but he's also a heady guy who showed his determination by going to the NBA's summer league to sharpen and display his talents. In only his second year, he made Keith Van Horn expendable.

Troy Murphy
Troy Murphy? Yes, indeed. He's averaging 12 and 10 and he's given the upstart Warriors some much-needed toughness. He may not be the most improved player, but he may be the most surprising name on this list.