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3/27/2008 - New York Yankees

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Baseball "comedian" Hank Steinbrenner says now it's up to us "to restore the universe." Yeah, whatever you say, Hank. With the re-signings of Rodriguez, Posada, Rivera and the signing of LaTroy Hawkins, the Yankees look to perform well under new manager Joe Girardi.
-- tony20sbestfan


Angered by recent public outcry to lift the team's ban on facial hair, erstwhile Yankees senior vice president Hank Twiddle Dee Steinbrenner and his brother Harold Twiddle Dumb Steinbrenner decided this week to extend the policy to include not only moustaches and beards, but eyebrows as well.
-- gtask51

A-Rod is ready to assault the record books again. Jeter is always ready to rumble. Pettitte is gonna shrug off the distractions and be our "lock-it-down lefty rock" he has always been.
-- hotrod144

Time for the best rivalry in all of baseball to once again take center stage. The Sox and the Yankees were both very smart in NOT giving away TOO much to get Santana. He would have been a 20-game winner with either team. But both teams would have given up more than 20 wins to have obtained him.
-- Rowdy1946

Yankees are looking good. I like the demeanor of the team under Girardi. Looks like they are getting some of their scrappiness back. Tough being a Yankees fan in Boston.
-- cpf501

The Yankees still have one of the most dangerous offenses in the league. The Yankees did ONLY finish behind the Red Sox by 2 games in 2007 and the Yankees 2007 record against the Red Sox was 10-8. I believe the Yankees will return to their division winning ways in 2008.
-- AKayTGO

How deep will they go in the playoffs?
Win AL wild card: tcab2880, Noah Langholz, Cardinals037, BoSoxThrilla, miami4lyfe37, bbbrett81, svd11

Win AL East: AKayTGO

Win AL pennant: Hugh k., schierbaum20

Win World Series: Gamby52, emakar13

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Joba -- started by blucan
Say what you want about Joba possibly being an ace starter. One thing is clear. The Yanks have a guy they can bring into a jam and 80 to 95 percent of the time the opposition's rally is OVER.
-- blg4167

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