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3/27/2008 - Oakland Athletics

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Obviously we can count Texas out for this year. Next we have Oakland, who like the White Sox and Twins is rebuilding, but a team built by Billy Beane can always surprise people and pick up some major wins here and there.
-- tcab2880

Baseball starts in April, NOT in March. Am I not clear on this?
-- pagevalleyskins

Disaster team(s)? Baltimore, Oakland, Texas, K.C. and Minnesota.
-- drcrackaback

This divison is Anaheim's to lose. Adding Torii Hunter to an already sickening lineup just adds to a possible runaway here. Seattle will give them some competition, but the rest of this division is weak. The Oakland A's have gone through a fire sale the last couple seasons, unloading Haren and Zito.
-- armstead98_1998


Baseball fans are the rarest of breeds, the truest of fans, fans that will root for their teams through the best and the worst of times. We are fans that will go out to the ballpark to watch our team no matter their record. We will show up for spring training just to see how the prospects are doing.
-- BajidNomar5

From the message boards
Breakout and bust predictions -- started by miamiblues2
End of the line: Hideki Matsui,
Miguel Tejada,
Jason Varitek,
Rocco Baldelli,
Eric Gagne.

-- ImSmartherThanYou

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