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3/27/2008 - Texas Rangers

More than 5,700 people who have registered with ESPN.com indicate they are Rangers fans (500 fewer than claim the Astros). Below are some of their predictions and thoughts about the upcoming season.

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Obviously we can count Texas out for this year.
-- tcab2880


Has anyone noticed that the Rangers have built some solid bullpens in the last few years? The starters haven't picked up the slack, though. They have some fierce young hitters but a muddled lineup.
-- pkfortyseven

AL West
1. Tex-Mex Rangers (remember the Alamo!)
2. Seattle Slew (beat that dead horse)
3. Los Angeles Fallen Angels (they've fallen and can't get back up)
4. Jokeland Athletic Supporters (they have the 'itch' to win also)
-- A1CPTJack

Texas Rangers: Great hitters, and that is the only thing they got going for them.
-- bwilli25

Disaster team(s)? Baltimore, Oakland, Texas, K.C. and Minnesota.
-- drcrackaback

How far will they go in the playoffs?
Win AL West: A1CPTJack

From the message boards
David Murphy? -- started by DamonH1992
I really like this guy a lot more than Botts or Cruz. He's younger and has proven at least for a short time that he can hit and is more than adequate in the field. I hope he gets a lot of playing time this year.
-- jeremyveggie

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