Guillen says team's slide is his fault

Updated: September 8, 2009, 4:19 PM ET
Associated Press

CHICAGO -- Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen says he's to blame for a disappointing season that will likely end with the defending AL Central champs out of the playoffs.

"If this thing doesn't work, I blame myself," Guillen said, adding it's not the fault of general manager Ken Williams, owner Jerry Reinsdorf or his players.

"It's my fault. I can say that right now and I can say that tomorrow and I can say it two weeks later," Guillen said. "It's my fault when something goes wrong on the field."

After a loss to Boston on Sunday, the White Sox were in third place and eight games behind Detroit in the AL Central with only 24 left. They have been plagued by poor fielding and erratic hitting.

Guillen, who is under contract through 2012, said if Williams and Reinsdorf aren't satisfied with the job he's done, they should make a change.

"If Kenny doesn't like it, if Jerry doesn't think I'm doing a good job with the guys out there, they have one thing to do: 'Ozzie, thank you for your help, for your support. We go a different way,'" Guillen said.

"And I leave. But as long as I'm here, it's going to be my way, Kenny's way."

Williams said recently that he supported Guillen and the coaching staff.

Guillen, who took the White Sox to a World Series win four years ago, said he's not worried about being fired.

"Believe me, because that day will come. Sooner or later, that day will come. Because I'm not going to retire. They will have to fire me," he said.

"Everybody in this game, sooner or later they're gone. That's part of the game."

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