Sox, Cubs interested in Putz

INDIANAPOLIS -- Both the Cubs and White Sox are interested in rehabbing right-handed pitcher J.J. Putz.

Putz, coming off of surgery, last pitched for the New York Mets. The White Sox actually asked relief pitcher Matt Thornton to recruit Putz, a former teammate of his when they both played for the Seattle Mariners.

Teams had a chance to watch Putz work out recently to show where he's at coming back from his elbow problem.

According to sources close to Putz, upwards of 12 teams have talked to the representative for Putz about his availability as a free agent.

It is known that there are at least two offers on the table for him, although at this point, it's not known if either the White Sox or the Cubs are one of them. The source also said that Putz could sign within the next couple of weeks, although he hasn't totally rehabilitated yet.

Clubs that have seen him pitch have been impressed by his velocity and fluidity of his pitching motion. Teams are looking at Putz, a former closer, as a possible right-handed setup man who could also close games if that team's closer was not available or injured.