Vizquel thinks Sox should make a deal

CHICAGO -- Omar Vizquel didn't bother Tuesday with the same old before-the-trade-deadline chit chat.

At a time when most players will only say that their team is fine as long as they play to their capabilities, Vizquel offered not only his first option for making the White Sox better, but a second one as well in case the first doesn't pan out.

"I think we need to add something," Vizquel said before Tuesday's game. "If it's not another pitcher, probably it's another hitter. This is a time where we really need to make a step towards getting better and to separate between the teams that are around, having a chance, and the teams that really need to go on to the playoffs. I guess the final cut is coming, this is the last time to make a change, and I think that with another guy on the team we might secure the next step."

Only a player with 20 years of service would be comfortable making such a strong statement. Comments around the trade deadline, which is Saturday at 3 p.m. CT, are usually guarded so that players don't come off sounding like they don't believe in some of their teammates.

Fans might have an easy time voicing their opinion that the White Sox need a left-handed power bat for the final two months, but if players say it, that would be a slap in the face of Mark Kotsay, with whom they share a locker room.

Manager Ozzie Guillen is the most outspoken person of all and even he has said that he can win with the club he has now. He seemed a little taken aback by Vizquel's honesty.

"Good for him," Guillen said. "His job is to play, not to make trades."

Guillen admitted that when he played he was hard on the front office, including chairman Jerry Reinsdorf, when needed deals didn't go down at the deadline. So he seemed to have an understanding of where Vizquel was coming from.

"I know how the players feel," Guillen said. "I always give my players the freedom to talk and say how they feel. We don't tell anybody what to say or what to do. I think if they feel that way, we know that. I think [GM] Kenny [Williams] is aware of that."

Doug Padilla covers the White Sox for ESPNChicago.com.