Cubs' Carlos Silva put on DL

8/2/2010 - MLB Carlos Silva Chicago Cubs + more

CHICAGO -- Carlos Silva was released from a Denver hospital and placed on the disabled list for a cardiac evaluation Monday, one day after an abnormal heart rate forced the Chicago Cubs pitcher to leave his start against the Colorado Rockies.

Silva returned to Chicago, and consulted with a Cubs physician about the abnormal heart rate that caused the pitcher to leave Sunday's game at Colorado in the first inning.

"It was a very scary moment," Silva said. "I was feeling bad, but when they put me inside the ambulance, I think that was the first time I put my family before baseball. The only thing I could think of was my kids and my family. It was very tough to be in that situation."

Silva will continue his evaluations under the care of a cardiologist at Northwestern Hospital. There is no timetable for his return as he undergoes tests.

"Right now, I'm doing whatever they tell me to do, because I know they're going to do what's best for me," Silva said before the Cubs played the Milwaukee Brewers. "I feel better. I was throwing my bullpen and felt like my heart was beating very fast."

To fill Silva's spot on the roster, the Cubs recalled pitcher Thomas Diamond, who will start against the Brewers on Tuesday.

A Cubs trainer went to the mound Sunday after Silva walked the second batter he faced, Jonathan Herrera. Silva stayed in and allowed a
single to Carlos Gonzalez and a ground-rule RBI double to Troy Tulowitzki.

Acting manager Alan Trammell and the trainer went back to the mound, and Silva was
replaced by left-hander James Russell.

Silva said that he had experienced the same internal feeling before Sunday's episode, but he thought it was nothing more than an adrenaline rush.

"They're going to do studies," Silva said. "They want to see what exactly happened and we'll see."

Silva said that he and his family have no history of heart problems, but admitted to using some forms of caffeine, like Red Bull, to prepare for his outings.

"I drink Red Bull once in a while my whole career, but sometimes [the shortness of breath] happens without me pitching," Silva said. "I'm normal right now."

Silva was asked if he thought his condition was career-threatening.

"No, no," Silva said. "You [reporters] always take that so deep. Relax."

Silva has been one of the bright spots for the Cubs, going 10-5 with a 3.92 ERA.

Diamond was 5-4 with a 3.16 ERA in 21 starts for Iowa. Coleman was 10-7 with a 4.07 ERA.

Bruce Levine covers the Cubs for ESPNChicago.com. Information from The Associated Press contributed to this report.