Andre Dawson weighs in on search

8/30/2010 - MLB Chicago Cubs

The thought of Ryne Sandberg calling the shots in a major league dugout seems "far-fetched" to Andre Dawson, but the Hall of Fame slugger believes his former Chicago Cubs teammate would make a good manager.

Sandberg, who is managing the Cubs' Triple-A team in Iowa and has spent the past four years in their minor-league system, is among the candidates to replace the retired Lou Piniella as Cubs manager.

"I think Ryno has prepared himself for this moment," Dawson said Monday on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000. "It seems to be falling into place for him with the way the club is going. I really still can't envision Ryno wanting to manage at this level. It just seems to be kind of far-fetched. Ryno is a little bit different now than when we played together. He's a little bit more outspoken. He has prepared himself by working through the minor-league system.

"In the major leagues, it's not so much trying to evaluate the young talent, get the young talent major-league ready. You're talking about kids who have ambitions and you go out and try to prepare them for the next level [in the minor leagues]. In the big leagues, you have egos, you have attitudes and the perception is you've got to win more so than in the minor leagues."

Dawson, who was elected to the Hall of Fame in July, was in Chicago on Monday to be honored by the Cubs before their game against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Wrigley Field. Dawson spent six years with the Cubs, beginning with his MVP season in 1987.

Joe Girardi, another former teammate in Chicago, figures to be in the mix for the Cubs managerial job, but Dawson doesn't see the former catcher leaving the New York Yankees.

"Joe Girardi has the best job in the world," Dawson said. "I can't really envision him leaving the setup that he has. He's in a competitive situation every year."