John Danks to pitch on Wednesday

9/6/2010 - MLB John Danks Chicago White Sox + more

DETROIT -- The season is getting short, so John Danks will be called on to stand tall.

Danks will start for the White Sox on just three days of rest Wednesday against the Tigers, a move that was made necessary by Friday's rainout in Boston.

Danks and Gavin Floyd started Saturday's doubleheader at Fenway Park. One of them had to make a quick turnaround, as the White Sox didn't want to go with somebody of lesser experience like Lucas Harrell.

"Danks threw less pitches the last outing, that's why we're going to put him there," Guillen said. "We're going to watch him very close."

Danks threw 103 pitches on Saturday, and has proved able to go on short rest in the past. In 2008 he beat the Twins on three days of rest for a victory that put the White Sox in the playoffs.

Floyd will close out the series at Detroit on Thursday on the regular four days of rest.