Adam Dunn eyes Sunday return

4/9/2011 - MLB Adam Dunn Chicago White Sox + more

If modern medicine isn't helping Adam Dunn heal from emergency appendectomy surgery more quickly, then perhaps his sense of humor will.

Although the team isn't making any bold predictions, the Chicago White Sox slugger said before Saturday's game that he hopes to be back in the lineup Sunday.

"That's my goal," Dunn said. "Well, I've been saying that since Day 1. Might as well stay consistent."

The team said Friday that Dunn was expected to miss at least five games.

"Yesterday was the worst day," Dunn said of the pain. "I woke up this morning, I was actually laying on my side -- that's how I sleep -- and I hadn't been able to do that [since the surgery]."

Dunn was able to move without pain, so he said immediately wanted to get to the stadium to see if he could swing.

"I wasn't swinging at 100 percent, but it felt OK," Dunn said. "That means tomorrow's going to be great."

Manager Ozzie Guillen wasn't as optimistic about Dunn returning to the lineup this weekend.

"I talked to [trainer Herman Schneider] and he said the progress is going slow," Guillen said. "He said [Dunn] was swinging 50 percent. It's not a timetable yet ... It's up to him. He [swung] the bat a little bit and that's good. I don't expect him to miss that many [more] games than we expect from the beginning. I'm not a doctor, but when they open your body and you say five days, I don't care who you are. He's not Superman. I don't care how tough you are."

Guillen said he hopes to see Dunn back in the lineup before the end of the White Sox's current home stand.

Meanwhile, Dunn isn't exactly enjoying the downtime.

"It is hard [to watch from the dugout]," Dunn said. "But it's a great feeling to know that whoever is in there taking your spot is more than qualified, if not better than you at some point. Like Mark [Teahen] yesterday. With this team it makes it a lot easier to not really rush because you know these guys are going to pick up the slack."

Kevin Allen is a regular contributor to ESPNChicago.com.