Chicagoland track offers royal treatment

"LeBron James Speedway" will host Chicago's NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race in July if James accepts an offer from Chicagoland Speedway president Craig Rust.

On Thursday, Rust sent James a letter inviting the to-be NBA free agent to the LifeLock.com 400, which his track will host July 10. Besides re-naming the track in James' name for the weekend, Rust would also have a "Lebron James Speedway" logo printed on limited edition merchandise, painted on the front stretch of the infield and incorporated into signage throughout the speedway.

"As a special VIP guest, you will be given the honorary title of 'King' of our NASCAR weekend," Rust wrote in the letter, released by Chicagoland Speedway.

Rust also lured James with a chance to address the fans and drivers before the race.