McMahon: Cutler relies on arm strength

Jim McMahon doesn't consider himself an avid Chicago Bears fan, but that doesn't stop the "punky QB" who led the Bears to a Super Bowl win in 1985 from harboring some strong opinions about current Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

Speaking to the Denver Post during a recent Pro Bowl event in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., McMahon was critical of Cutler's tendency to throw interceptions early in the season.

"The little bit that I saw when I'd watch replays of his interceptions, I'd think, 'Where is he throwing the ball?' " McMahon told a Denver Post reporter. "The guy has a great arm, but I think he relies on that too much."

McMahon, the last Bears quarterback to be selected to the Pro Bowl (in 1985), praised Cutler's arm strength but questioned his decision-making ability.

"You don't have to throw it through the wall to be a good quarterback in this league," McMahon said. "You need timing and instincts. You can't teach instincts. You either got 'em or you don't."

McMahon made similar comments earlier this month to ESPNChicago's Jon Greenberg.

"I know the quarterback struggled," McMahon said. "The few clips I saw on ESPN, they showed where he's throwing the ball. You can't just rely on your arm; that can get you in trouble. ... If everyone's not on the same page, the offense is not going to work. Obviously they're missing a few pages right now."

Cutler, who was sent to Chicago in a trade with the Denver Broncos last offseason, ended the season with 26 interceptions and 27 touchdown passes.