Mike Ditka rips Bears' sack woes

10/18/2010 - NFL Jay Cutler Chicago Bears + more

After watching the Chicago Bears yield six more quarterback sacks to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, Hall of Famer Mike Ditka said it's time for Lovie Smith to step in.

It was the first game back for Jay Cutler after he missed the previous week with concussion symptoms. Cutler suffered the concussion while being sacked an NFL-record nine times in the first half against the New York Giants on Oct. 3.

"It's not one thing, it's a multiple of things," Ditka said on "Mike & Mike In The Morning" on ESPN Radio. "From a coach's aspect, I would say yeah, Lovie has to step in. I don't think there's any question about it. You can't let go on what's going on.

"You see these pictures, these kids don't know where to go or who to block. There's people unaccounted for. Every team in the league is going to look at these films. The problem isn't going to get easier, it's going to get harder. It's going to be compounded from this point forward."

The Bears rushed just 14 times for 61 yards in their 23-20 loss to Seattle. Some believe part of the problem is the emphasis on the pass in the system of offensive coordinator Mike Martz.

"So how do you correct it?" Ditka asked. "You better start from scratch, and say: 'We're going to make sure we're going to account for these people, or we're going to run the football.'

"You say it's not glamorous, it's not exciting, it's not what Martz does, I don't care. You cannot put that much pressure on your defense and your special teams. You must be able to be effective on offense, and they weren't effective at home. And they had a chance to win that football game."

Ditka, who is an ESPN analyst and former Bears player and coach, was pointed in his criticism of the Bears' pass protection.

"You can't throw the football if you can't pass protect," he said. "They don't understand pass protection. They don't understand where the people are coming from. They can't account for those people. Not only the linemen can't account for them, the back got confused yesterday, but the quarterback is not accounting for them. Now you have a major problem."

"So therefore, if those guys aren't accounting for them, maybe the coaches aren't accounting for them. It's a bad situation, because it takes one dimension you have away from you. You cannot throw the ball effectively, you just cannot. There's no reason for this stuff that's happening to happen."