Host(s): Steve Kashul and Dr. Brian Cole
Time: Saturday 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.
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SportsMedicineWeekly™ focuses on the most recent and relevant sports injuries that affect athletes ranging from the professional to the weekend warrior. It delivers an in-depth look at injuries that occur on the field, as well as those that happen to us in everyday life.

Special features include: The Athlete's Parent, Fantasy Sports Injury Update, In-Depth Weekly Injury Reports and Getting Back in the Game, for those who find it difficult to resume an active lifestyle post-injury. The show provides a solid understanding of what the professional athlete faces in training and competition, as well as what the average person needs to stay fit and injury-free.

The show will feature relevant and authoritative content with a mission to serve a community that is hungry for information, passionate about sports and wants to remain active with the most accurate and efficient resources to do so. Featured guests include nationally recognized authorities in the field of sports medicine, surgeons, trainers and real-life examples of individuals who have successfully transitioned from injury-reserve back to the playing field.

Relevant topics featured by our valued partners will be actively integrated within each show. The show debuts on May 14, 2011 and net profits are donated to a not-for profit foundation, LiveActive, dedicated to the advancement of orthopedic and sports medicine research at Rush University Medical Center.


Steve Kashul serves as host for the Chicago Bulls on the Chicago Bulls Radio Network and is co-owner and principal host of Channel Fore, Inc. which produces "The Golf Scene" TV show. In addition, Steve is Director of Membership at Kemper Lakes Golf Club in Kildeer, Illinois.

Steve Kashul has received two Emmy Awards for his work as host of Chicago Bulls Basketball on SportsChannel (1991-1997) and winner of the 2006 Telly Award as host on "The Golf Scene." Steve has also appeared nationally as lead announcer for the Senior PGA Tour on CNBC as well as for live events on the Golf Channel.

Steve has also served as voice for the Celebrity Golf Association's Professional Golf Tour and was a reporter and host for the Notre Dame Football Coaches Show. In addition, he has been a featured writer-columnist for the Chicago District Golfer Magazine and a sports writer for the Chicago Sun-Times.


Dr. Brian Cole of Midwest Orthopedics at Rush University Medical Center is a Professor, Sports Medicine Specialist and Orthopedic Surgeon. Dr. Cole has authored more than 1000 articles, presentations and textbooks and is recognized as a world-renowned authority in Sports Medicine.

Dr. Cole serves as team physician for the Chicago Bulls, co-team physician for the Chicago White Sox and DePaul University, Orthopedist for Gridiron Greats Foundation which supports former NFL players in need of medical assistance and was a former consultant for the Chicago Rush arena football team.

In addition, Dr. Cole was chosen NBA Team Physician of the year in 2009, one of the "Best Doctors in America" each year since 2004 and was featured on the cover of Chicago Magazine's "Best Doctor Issue" in 2007.

Valued Partners will feature content for the elite athlete, weekend warrior, surgical patient, orthopedic physician, physical therapist or athletic trainer. Partners are selected for their dedication to providing innovative solutions for the prevention and treatment of sports injuries and their synergy with the SMW mission.

Rush University Medical Center - A non-profit academic medical center comprising Rush University Medical Center, Rush University, Rush Oak Park Hospital and Rush Health, home to one of the first medical colleges in the Midwest and one of the nation's top-ranked nursing colleges and graduate programs.

AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill - Whether you're a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, a senior citizen or a young competitor, the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill can help optimize your treatment outcomes to get you back faster to the activities you love.

AthletiCo - A leading provider of physical therapy, occupational therapy, work rehabilitation, and fitness services throughout the Chicago area, Milwaukee, and Central Illinois. AthletiCo provides highly skilled therapists, trainers and conditioning experts.

Moji - Permission to play hard. Moji features best-in-class products to aid recovery and reduce pain, with the goal of keeping you active and pain-free to pursue your activities. Try the innovative Moji Cold Cell, Heat Cell and Compression Wraps.

Motion Medical Technologies - Featuring the portable, easy-to-use Game Ready System for intermittent compression, deep tissue cooling and extended cold therapy. The system includes a lightweight control unit with ergonomic wraps to treat sports related injuries.

Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush - Nationally recognized as a leader in comprehensive orthopedic services combining the highest level of patient care and research. Physicians from Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush serve the Chicago Bulls and Chicago White Sox teams.

SonoSite - Featuring Portable Diagnostic Ultrasound Machines that go wherever you need them, at any time. SonoSite provides ultrasound technology for high quality images to examine patients at the point of care: sports field, accident or bedside.

ERMI, Inc. - A Medical Device Company that specializes in a non-operative treatment for scar tissue. The Flexionator can be used at home to jumpstart knee or shoulder range of motion therapy and get you back to where you need to be. Helping people get back to the activities that make their lives complete.

Carticept Medical, Inc. - Distributor for SonoSite hand-carried ultrasound and products designed to address the shortcomings of current conservative and surgical treatment options for osteoarthritis and cartilage injuries, as well as to provide cost-effective and efficient solutions for the delivery of selected therapies.

Vizual Edge - Vizual Edge is a computer based 3-D visual performance assessment and enhancement tool that improves your timing, visual perception, decision-making and overall visual system. VEPT evaluates, measures, then boosts the speed and efficiency of your eye movements, depth perception, recognition, tracking ability, reaction time & accuracy.

Athletes Performance - Education and research are the cornerstones of the Athletes' Performance methodology. Scientific research and practice drive the creation of systems and programs that the Athletes' Performance staff applies daily with its elite athlete clients.

LiveActive with Rush - A non-profit Fund for Orthopedic Research and Education that focuses on the management of joint pain and cartilage disease at Rush University Medical Center and Midwest Orthopedics at Rush. Net Profits from the SportsMedicineWeekly Radio Show are donated to this fund.

Rush Oak Park Hospital - Combining the convenience and personal touch of a community hospital with the technology and expertise of a major university medical center. It's medicine made better.

ATA Revitalization Institute - The future of muscle recovery is here. Muscle recovery therapy and laser technology that will shorten recovery in up to half the time of traditional therapy, relieve edema and expedite healing

The Center for Integrated Medicine - The Center for Integrated Medicine provides comprehensive conservative care for the treatment of injuries, ailments and disease by multiple methods without the use of drugs and surgery. Why put off feeling good?

Greater > Than - Greater > Than is an All-Natural, coconut water sports drink loaded with electrolytes & low in sugar. So the next time you need to be at peak performance Drink Greater Than & Be Greater Than. Greater Than truly a Greater Aid.