HP Nelson diary: Jordan Spieth

5/27/2011 - Golf

IRVING, Texas -- Jordan Spieth, a 17-year-old from Jesuit College Preparatory School in Dallas, shot a 1-under 69 in the first round of the 2011 HP Byron Nelson Championship on Thursday. It was a roller-coaster round that featured six birdies, a double-bogey and three bogeys. Spieth talks about the round and attending Game 5 of the NBA Western Conference finals.

Q: I understand you got to go to the Mavs game last night. How did that happen?

JS: I got invited by a few of the Salesmanship Club guys. There were a bunch of pros that went down there. I went with a friend of mine, Justin Thomas, who won the Byron Nelson Junior Award. He was staying here last night. We went down and they shuttled us down in Cadillacs and we had a box. It was so awesome. We rode down with Tommy "Two Gloves" [Gainey], Colt Knost, and a bunch of other guys were there. We got in early so we could get some seats. It was a great view and I'm a diehard Mavs fan, so it was so cool to get the hookup this week.

Q: Who do you want to see the Mavs play in the NBA Finals?

JS: I want the Heat again even though it will be a harder matchup just because of revenge. I remember the '06 Finals. It was a sad time in this city's history, so I think we could use some revenge. I think we'll win it.

Q: You said you woke up nervous. Are you surprised you were nervous after going through this last year?

JS: I was surprised. Last night I wasn't really worried about today, just excited about the Mavs so I couldn't go to sleep. This morning, I woke up at 8:30 and I was trying to sleep until 10:30. I looked at the scoreboard and saw that the tournament was already going on. I had been preparing for this for a long time and just got really anxious. I wouldn't say it was negative, but just anxious to get out here and get started and see what it felt like again. Right when I woke up, the heart rate was beating too fast to go to sleep.

Q: After a bogey on the third hole put you at 2 over, what were you thinking headed to No. 4?

JS: While I was preparing for this week, I put a stress on starting well. I wanted to get out there and get something going quickly, grab some birdies and see what could happen. After 3, I just wasn't hitting it well. I was scared of everything. It was not like what I expected. I played really well in the practice round. The biggest thing was Kramer, my caddie, came up to me and said, "You've got 69 holes to play. You're going to make two bogeys out here, just make these your last ones." Unfortunately, I made a double later on, but I did have six birdies. It was about as up and down a round as I've ever had.

Q: What's the plan for Thursday night?

JS: I had family come in last night. My grandpa, grandma, aunt and uncle came into town. I'll go to dinner and hang out with them. There's a swim party for graduation, so I may go by there. I've got a 9 a.m. tee time, but I'm staying here.

Q: What was it like to have so many of your friends, family and fans here?

JS: It was great. I took some time to find some of them and smile. It's always cool to have them supporting me. I hope I can post a good number on Friday and make it fun on the weekend and get big crowds. I feel like that helps. Just hearing people say, "Go get 'em" or "Nice birdie," it really helps.

Q: Do you have a goal for Friday?

JS: I don't want to start the way I did today. Teeing off on 10 it's going to be really windy and I have to be a little more patient than I was today. It should be a good draw to be off in the morning.

Richard Durrett covers golf for ESPNDallas.com.