Shawn Marion to shoot TV pilot

5/25/2011 - NBA Shawn Marion Dallas Mavericks + more

When this magical basketball season concludes, Dallas Mavericks forward Shawn Marion will shoot a reality TV pilot he said has been in the works for more than a year called, "The Ladies of My Life," with hopes of turning it into a series.

If the Mavs win against the Thunder on Wednesday night, a trip to the NBA Finals will put off the project for a while.

The show, first reported by TMZ, won't be some scandalous look at the NBA dating scene. Yes, the charismatic, 6-foot-7 Marion is a happy-go-lucky bachelor and more than just a bit of a fashionista, from his collection of Gucci footwear to designer eyewear -- non-prescription, of course.
The ladies' man will involve some dating in the show to spice it up, but the ladies who will share the show's spotlight are those dearest to Marion: his mother, Elaine; his twin sister, Shawnett; and his two younger sisters.

"It's going to deal with me and how I have mostly all ladies in my life," Marion said Wednesday prior to the team's morning shootaround. "I'm single-mother raised and I have all sisters and I have a single-mother foundation, so it's about all that."

Marion was reluctant to talk in greater detail about the show because he said he's concentrating on defending Thunder star Kevin Durant and advancing to the first NBA Finals of his 12-year career.

At least one teammate said Marion is a can't-miss reality TV personality.

"He's actually reality-comedy every day in the locker room," Mavs guard Jason Terry said. "We always tell him he needs to get his own show."

Marion's cousin and personal assistant, Craig Carter, and Marion's Plano-based publicist Danika Berry, another of the ladies close to Marion, are handling the details.

The premise of the show reunites Marion with his mom, who lives in Las Vegas, where Marion attended UNLV, and his sisters, two of whom live in Vegas and one in Maryland, under one roof -- Marion's 14,000-square-foot mansion in Dallas.

"They're going to stay with him for a few months and drive him crazy like when they all lived together," Carter said. "It's really about his mom and sisters and how big an influence they are to him and how he basically takes care of his family."

Carter said a couple of cable networks are interested in the show, but there is no deal in place.

"We're going to see how the pilot goes," Carter said. "It's not a full-blown series yet."

Jeff Caplan covers the Mavericks for ESPNDallas.com.