DJ's name: TexasMotorSpeedway.com


FORT WORTH, Texas -- Dallas-area disc jockey Terry Dorsey will collect $100,000 after accepting an offer to legally change his name to TexasMotorSpeedway.com, the track said in a release Wednesday.

Dorsey, who works for country music station KSCS, said he agreed to TMS president Eddie Gossage's challenge to change his name to the track's website for one year, as well as get a permanent tattoo of the track's name.

The possibility exists that this could be an April Fool's Day stunt. Both Texas Motor Speedway and the radio show have pulled off separate stunts in the past.

In 2008, Gossage announced plans for construction of a 1.3 million-square-foot retractable roof for Texas Motor Speedway, expected to cost $900 million and take 1,000 construction workers to complete.

In 2003, the "Dorsey Gang" show had reported on their morning show that exotic animals had escaped a zoo and were running through the streets of Denton County, evoking more than 500 phone calls to the station and to the Sheriff's Department.

Texas Motor Speedway officials declined comment beyond the release, and KSCS officials could not be reached for comment.

Dorsey, a member of the Country Music Disc Jockey Hall of Fame and the 2009 Academy of Country Music's Disc Jockey of the Year, had 24 hours to make his decision after it was offered Tuesday.

"It was my wife who convinced me to do it," Dorsey said in the statement. "She said for the money Eddie was offering, it was something we couldn't pass up."

He has another 24 hours to meet the conditions of the agreement.

Dorsey said in the statement that he would head to a courthouse in Tarrant County to begin the name-change process Wednesday morning.

"After looking at all the comments on Facebook and news stories, there apparently were a lot less expensive deals out there for me to pursue," Gossage said in a statement. "Well, I may have pushed this one a bit too far, but it's time to man up.

"... Heck, I probably could have gotten Chad Johnson, a.k.a Ocho Cinco, for $100,000."

Gossage plans to present the $100,000 check to Dorsey during pre-race festivities for the Samsung Mobile 500 on April 18, at Texas Motor Speedway.