Timing everything for Cowboys coach

12/3/2010 - NFL Dallas Cowboys

IRVING, Texas -- If timing is everything, then Dallas Cowboys interim coach Jason Garrett has put his players on the clock, literally.

In an effort to cut down excuses and promote how serious he is about accuracy, Garrett has had new digital clocks installed at the Cowboys' practice facility at Valley Ranch.

"Yeah, those schoolhouse clocks are a nice touch," Garrett said. "They were charming, but sometimes they weren't that accurate. We're looking for accuracy."

Garrett, a former Cowboys quarterback, related a story from his playing days in which the minute hand would not turn past 52 and led to some tardiness.

Now the players have one less excuse if they are late to meetings.

"You just got to be there when the meetings start," Garrett said, "and the digital clocks are very clear as to when those meetings start."

It's just another in a list of changes that Garrett has made since taking over for Wade Phillips, who was fired Nov. 8.

Garrett also has the players wearing full pads for Wednesday practices, standing along the sideline for the national anthem, and he's adjusted the team's dress code -- jackets and ties on the road trips.

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