Bonds takes a shot at Costas

July, 26, 2007
SAN FRANCISCO -- On a positive note, Barry Bonds refrained from commenting on Tim Russert's weight, Ted Koppel's hair or Keith Olbermann's height.

Bob Costas, though?

"You mean that little midget man who absolutely knows [expletive] about baseball?" Bonds told four reporters when asked before Wednesday's game whether he had seen Costas' HBO show in which the broadcaster interviewed chemist Patrick Arnold. "He never played a game? I saw it."

Or maybe he didn't actually see the show. Bonds said after Wednesday's game that he had not seen the show, though he had "heard about it." Walking out of the clubhouse, Bonds said, "Bob Costas can kiss my ass. He's not an athlete and he doesn't know [expletive] about baseball."

And so Bonds' mouth did not take the night off when manager Bruce Bochy gave his body a rest. Bonds played all 13 innings of Tuesday night's game, and Bochy said the slugger needed a break Wednesday. "The last time we played an extra-inning game, he needed three days off," Bochy said. "I'm trying to avoid that again."

Bochy said Bonds most likely will be in the lineup for Thursday's late afternoon game, but a decision will be made in the morning. "This is not a case where I can see two days ahead of time," Bochy said. "I'm just going day-to-day."

Bonds remains two home runs shy of Hank Aaron's record and would have to hit three home runs in the next four days to break the mark this homestand, but he has just eight home runs in the past 10 weeks. The Giants have a six-game road trip to Los Angeles and San Diego following this homestand, then have another seven-game homestand after that.

After not speaking with reporters the first two days of this homestand, Bonds spoke briefly with a couple reporters just before the Giants' clubhouse closed before the game. When he was done insulting Costas, a highly respected broadcaster who has spoken and written eloquently about baseball for more than two decades, Bonds said he has never seen Arnold "in my entire life. I've never heard of the man. Never." He also said he felt fine.

By the way, Atlanta first baseman Julio Franco, who is almost six years older than Bonds, played all but the final five outs Tuesday and was back in the lineup Wednesday.

"Barry and I are two different men," said Franco, who turns 49 next month. "I'm not taking anything away from him. We're two different men. And one difference is he plays left field and I play first base. He has to run all the way to left field [or back] 18 times a game -- I just have to go out to first base. … And I don't have to run after fly balls, either."

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