Monday Mendozas

March, 9, 2009
Today's links were compiled the old-fashioned way …

• Regrettably, I wasn't able to attend the sports analytics conference at MIT -- or as Bill Simmons calls it, "Dorkapalooza" -- last weekend. Fortunately, Sal Baxamusa was there (and so was Bill Simmons, by the way).

• The Twins have locked up Scott Baker through 2013 (including their option year), and Aaron Gleeman's got all the goods.

• ShysterBall wonders why the Times doesn't hold their sportswriters to the same standard as their op-ed columnists.

• Sometimes they lie.

• Sean Foreman takes time off from running the bestest InterWeb site to answer nine questions. Sean, quit fooling around and get back to work!

• Baseball Digest Daily's Bill Baer throws some cold water on the happier projections for the Mets' Daniel Murphy. I can't really quibble with Baer's analysis, except I'm not sure it leaves room for the possibility that Murphy's certain drop in luck will be at least partially balanced by Murphy's maturation. A thin reed of hope, perhaps, but a reed nonetheless.

• Now that Jim Bowden is gone, the dishing begins. Mer-rroww.

• One thing I've noticed over the years … mart, open-minded baseball fans -- which means you, probably -- tend to be open-minded about other stuff, too.



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