Duran's invincibility is "No mas"

Updated: October 14, 2005, 5:10 PM ET
By Larry Schwartz | Special to ESPN.com

Nov. 25, 1980

When Sugar Ray Leonard lost his welterweight crown to Roberto Duran in June, he blamed himself for getting into a street brawl because he didn't like Duran's way. In New Orleans, Leonard conquers his stubbornness and boxes the Panamanian macho man into submission.

His taunting gets under the skin of the fighter known for his "Fists of Stone." The worst humiliation comes in the seventh round when Leonard winds up his right hand, as if to throw a bolo punch, and then surprises the 72-1 Duran by slapping a left jab in his face.

With 16 seconds left in the eighth round, Duran, whose professional life had been built upon the precepts of Latin American machismo, has enough. He tells the referee, "No mas, no mas." And the myth of Duran's invincibility is shattered.

After regaining his title, Leonard says, "To make a man quit, to make a Roberto Duran quit, was better than knocking him out."