Cards are Ducky with Dizzy Dean, win Series

Updated: October 17, 2005, 4:29 PM ET
By Larry Schwartz | Special to

Oct. 9, 1934

The St. Louis Cardinals have a commanding lead in Game 7 of the World Series when Ducky Medwick slides hard into third base with a triple in the sixth inning and kicks out with his left foot at Detroit Tigers third baseman Marvin Owen. Medwick misses his mark, but players from both teams rush to third base. The umpires separate them and restore peace.

When Medwick goes out to left field in the bottom of the inning, Detroit fans in the wooden bleachers pelt him with pop bottles, oranges and apples. After attendants clear the debris, Medwick returns to his position, and the fans continue their barrage. Four times this goes on. Finally, after 20 minutes, commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis orders Medwick's removal from the game, with the Cardinals leading 9-0. When Chick Fullis replaces Medwick in left, the crowd of 40,902 cheers.

The Cardinals go on to win 11-0 behind Dizzy Dean's six-hitter, his second victory in the Series. His brother Daffy had won the other two games for the Cardinals.