Proposed ACC rule is a good start

Updated: November 4, 2008, 5:29 PM ET
By Dick Vitale |

Recently, word came out from the ACC that the league was planning to make a proposal. The plan would make players announce their NBA early-entry intentions within 10 days from the end of the Final Four.

I salute this idea. I have written column after column about this topic. I feel that the current rules hold coaches hostage while players take their time deciding whether they will enter the draft. Then there is a long period before these young men can decide to pull out of the process, putting additional stress and pressure on coaches, looking to figure out their own futures in terms of the roster.

Players should be able to make their decision on the draft a lot sooner. The deadline being one week before the actual draft is ludicrous and absurd. It is not fair or any shape or form. Yes, these are young guys who know whether or not they have the desire to move on to the NBA.

Let's face it. College is not for everybody and some guys just go for a year simply to play basketball.

A rule change would allow coaches to take time to prepare for the kids returning to the program. They would not have to waste time worrying about whether a kid was going to return to school or go pro. The current situation is a joke.

If a kid wants to go to the NBA, chasing the dream and the green, the big bucks that go with it, so be it. Maybe forcing a decision within 10 days of the end of the Final Four is a little too soon. Perhaps a month would work.

Changing the current rule would be better for everyone involved. It would allow a player to make a solid decision instead of having the ego get in the way. Some kids in the past were not ready to go to the pros.

I hope other conferences back this plan. It would be a great idea to have decisions finalized a lot earlier than they currently are. My friends, the current situation has created chaos.

Dick Vitale

College Basketball analyst
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