St. Mary's has to be hurting


We can stop talking about bubbles and look at the field of 65.

My friends, the tournament selection committee did a very good job. My only gripe was a small one. Arizona lost five of its last six games, lost 13 overall and was only .500 in the Pac-10. This was not a vintage year in the Pac-10, which lost seven players among the top 20 in the first round of the NBA draft.

The Wildcats deserve credit for big non-league wins over Kansas and Gonzaga, and in the evaluation process those victories may have been the difference.

I felt St. Mary's deserved to make the big dance. The Gaels won 26 games and of their six losses, four came with Patty Mills hurt. Mills came back and scored 19 points in a win over Eastern Washington which showed he was more healthy than in the blowout loss to Gonzaga in the WCC finals.

I feel for the little guy, teams that don't often get a chance to play the big boys. When they are given the opportunity, it is usually in a two home games for one deal that is not very fair.

Clearly the committee decided to reward mediocrity in the power conferences instead of rewarding the little guy that won 25 or 26 games. Schools like St. Mary's and Creighton put up solid numbers but did not get the call to go dancing. Bubble busters like USC, Temple and Mississippi State also contributed to the disappointment for those mid-majors.

Oh well. It is time to play the games and move on.