Former Huskies put on a show


Do you think Connecticut fans were in a frenzy watching the second game of the Celtics-Bulls series recently?

It turned out to be a shootout between Ray Allen and Ben Gordon, especially when Allen heated up in the second half. The former Connecticut superstars put on quite a show.

You'd better believe Celtic fans were ecstatic after Allen shot one-for-12 from the floor in game one of the series. He would not be denied in game two, sensational in the third and fourth quarter. Allen hit the game-winning trifecta as Boston avoided potential disaster; 0-2 would have been tough to come back from.

The Celtics got the W to even the series. You can't blame Gordon for the Bulls' loss. He was super, scintillating, sensational, scoring 42 big points. The former Huskies star put on a show, hitting one spectacular shot after another.

You know Connecticut coach Jim Calhoun had to be jumping with joy watching his two pupils going toe-to-toe, hitting shot after shot. They played at a level that was so special and so unique.

The emotion of the contest was obvious. It was playoff basketball, baby, and a lot at stake.

I watched and thought about all the stars that have played at Connecticut for Calhoun. Another former Huskies star had a major impact in a comeback. Donyell Marshall hit some big shots for the Sixers in the game one shocker over Orlando.

The Huskies have had their share of perimeter players having an impact. Think about Richard Hamilton, Tate George, Khalid El-Amin, Rudy Gay, Kevin Ollie and on and on.

Gordon and Allen have incredible offensive talent. I rate Allen as a the best perimeter player to put on that UConn. jersey. It was on display on a big stage, during the NBA playoffs. Yes Mr. Calhoun, you have a lot to be proud about.

The reason the Huskies have been good for so many years is simple: coaching and talent. Guys like Allen and Gordon have elevated this program to elite status.