Top five athletes
1. Dan Marino, Miami Dolphins: 5,084 passing yards, 48 TDs, NFL MVP.
2. Carl Lewis: Won four gold medals at Olympics (100, 200, long jump, 4x100 relay).
3. John McEnroe: Won 13 of 16 tournaments, two majors, 82-3 match record.
4. Larry Bird, Boston Celtics: 24.2 points, 10.1 rebounds, 6.6 assists, NBA MVP, Finals MVP.
5. Wayne Gretzky, Edmonton Oilers: 205 points, 87 goals, 118 assists, 5th straight MVP.

Top five teams
1. Boston Celtics (62-20). Beat Lakers 111-102 in Game 7 of NBA Finals.
2. Edmonton Oilers (119 points). Gretzky, Messier and Co. beat four-time champ Islanders in Finals.
3. Detroit Tigers (104-58). Amazing 35-5 start capped by World Series win.
4. U.S. Olympic men's basketball. Jordan, Ewing, Mullin, Tisdale, Alford, Perkins lead gold medal romp.
5. Georgetown basketball (34-3). Ewing and the Hoyas were feared.

Sports moves

  • Baltimore Colts to Indianapolis
  • San Diego Clippers to Los Angeles

    Pop culture trivia
    Oscar winner: Amadeus

    Most popular TV show: Dynasty

    Top of the Pops: What's Love Got To Do With It, Tina Turner

    Fiction bestseller: The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub

    Nonfiction bestseller: Iacocca: An Autobiography, Lee Iacocca with William Novak

    Pop culture potpourri: Band Aid; Boy George make the pop scene; Macintosh computer debuts; Infomercials are born; "Where's the Beef" Wendy's commercials debut; running guru James Fixx dies of heart attack while running; "Miss America" Vanessa Williams appears in Penthouse Magazine sans clothes, is forced to resign; Bernhard Goetz gains notoriety as "Subway Vigilante."

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