Round 1: Caddyshack vs. Pulp Fiction


CaddyshackPulp Fiction


Pulp Fiction

On the list because: No, you aren't going to find "Caddyshack" in the list of the biggest money makers of all time. But, if there was a list of most quoted movies ever? Yeah, it would be up there. "Caddyshack" finished what "Animal House" started, following the format of an ensemble cast carrying a movie. Not to mention its status as a cult classic and a vehicle for alums of "Saturday Night Live." Think of it this way -- without "Caddyshack" you would never have "Office Space." Now that's some high praise.

On the list because: For years movies had tried to capture the cool and human side of the criminal underworld, but most most ended up as horrible depictions of Columbian drug kingpins. "Pulp Fiction" changed all that and made an art form out of it in the process. Taking a cue from the blaxploitation of the '70s, Quentin Tarantino combined his method of presenting a movie out of sequence with the villain-as-hero storyline. It's a powerful film that can bring John Travolta's career back from the dead.