Round 3: Michael Jackson vs. U2


Michael JacksonU2

Michael Jackson


On the list because: He's the King of Pop. No, we're not talking about present-day Michael Jackson. We're talking about the one who was A-list of all A-list celebrities. Back when "Thriller" ruled all in 1983 -- winning eight Grammy awards. Not only did Jackson's music fly off the shelves, but the advent of MTV helped propel both to the top of the "must-have" list. You may try and joke about him now, but back in the day -- you know you tried to moon walk.

On the list because: When a group that hit it big 20 years ago goes on tour, everyone groans when they play "the new stuff." Well, not U2. Not only have they stayed on top for close to three decades, but they've also used their fame and fortune to speak out on political issues -- something you don't see most artists do.