The best and worst of Philadelphia over the past 25 years:

Overall winning percentage: .538 (4th)

Best year: 1980 (.689 combined winning percentage)

Eagles (12-4), Phillies (91-71), 76ers (59-23), Flyers (116 points)

Better yet, all four teams reached the finals that year, although only the Phillies won it all.

Worst year: 1994

The only year in which all four franchises compiled a losing record. The Eagles went 7-9, the Phillies plummeted to 54-61 in the strike season (a year after reaching the World Series), the Sixers went 25-57 and the Flyers missed the playoffs by going 35-39-10. 1998 was pretty miserable with the Eagles going 3-13, the Phillies 75-87 and the Sixers 31-51 (the Flyers made the playoffs, however).

Best moment: Tug McGraw strikes out Kansas City's Willie Wilson to win the 1980 World Series -- the only World Series title in franchise history.

Worst moment: Game 6, 1993 World Series

The Phillies led the Blue Jays 6-5 in the bottom of the ninth, looking to send the World Series to a Game 7. And then Joe Carter stepped in against Mitch Williams with two runners on base ...

Best team: 1983 Sixers

Moses Malone came over from the Rockets and led the Sixers, who had lost in the NBA Finals to the Lakers in 1980 and 1982, to the championship. The Sixers went 65-17 and lost just one game in the playoffs, sweeping the Lakers in the Finals. Malone averaged 24.5 points and 15.3 rebounds to win MVP honors, Julius Erving averaged 21.4 points and Andrew Toney 19.7

Worst team: 1996 Sixers

The year before Allen Iverson arrived, the Sixers went 18-64 (coached by John Lucas). They were outscored by over 10 points per game and were "led" by Jerry Stackhouse, Clarence Weatherspoon and Vernon Maxwell.

Best individual season: Randall Cunningham, 1990

Mike Schmidt was dominant in back-to-back MVP seasons in 1980-81, Dr. J, Moses and Iverson won MVPs and so did Eric Lindros. But Cunningham's 1990 season had never before been seen in the NFL: 3,466 yards passing with 30 TDs and only 13 interceptions ... plus 942 yards rushing.

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