DP: What did you think about your dad's crash at Indy?

MA: I didn't see it, but I knew something happened to Kenny Brack, and that dad got caught up in it. And people were saying, "He went real high in the air." But they always say that. When I saw it that night on video I was like, "Man, that was big." Thank the Lord he walked away.

DP: And what did your mom say about it?

MA: I expected her to be like, "Why is he doing this?" Instead, the first thing she asked was, "Was he being competitive? Was he giving good feedback?"

DP: Have you ever driven too fast?

MA: Too fast? No such thing.

DP: Come on, you've never been scared?

MA: Actually, once, down at the Texas Motor Speedway, all the drivers were complaining of vertigo. We were going around the track so fast we got dizzy.

DP: What was your first car?

MA: A hand-me-down Lotus sports car that my dad got for winning the F1 world championship. It sounds awesome-and it was-but that car embarrassed me more than anything. It wasn't exactly reliable. I'd shut off the headlights and one would stay on. And my friends had to push the car backward to get it out of reverse.

DP: Are you a gearhead? Could you drop an engine?

MA: What do you mean?

DP: Could you take it out of the car and

MA: If I had to, I guess I could. But they keep me away from the car. I can look, but I don't touch.

DP: What's the last movie you saw?

MA: Old School.

DP: Have you ever streaked?

MA: No. I've had a very sheltered life, Dan. When everybody else was having fun, I was working.

DP: Okay there, Cinderelli.

DP: What does all that G-force do to your body?

MA: It squishes you, especially on a road course: Your head snaps forward and back constantly. I've always described it sort of like riding a wild bronco for two hours. The next day you're just junked.

DP: How is your eyesight?

MA: I've got good eyes. My right eye is 20/15, my left eye is 20/10.

DP: Do you see things before they unfold?

MA: Absolutely! At first, everything is coming at you so fast, you think, "Oh God, there's no way I can deal with all this information." Then adrenaline kicks in, and after a while you find another level of consciousness. All of a sudden, things slow down for you.

DP: Michael, you're freaking me out a little bit.