CODE > Do you think Sammy Sosa should have made the All-Stars?

STUART SCOTT: You can make a case either way. Sammy's had some injuries and wasn't having his best season. If baseball wants its biggest names at the all-Star game, no doubt he should have been there. personally, though, I think getting to the all-Star game should depend on how well you play during the first half of the season.

RYAN > Yo, Stu. Bernie Williams is coming out with a new CD. Didn't he learn anything from Shaq? These guys should just stick to sports.

Ryan, stop hatin'! Not only should everyone be allowed to pursue a variety of interests, they should be encouraged to. You need to open up your eyes, your ears and your mind to the concept of diversity and following dreams.

SPURSFEVER > 'Sup, Stu? The Spurs got loads of cash and the NBA title, so why are all the big-name free agents passing them up?

I think some of it may have to do with pride. If you're one of the best in the NBA and you couldn't beat the team that won the championship, you might not want to join that team. It's like being in a gang fight and your gang loses. How does it look to say, "Since I can't beat you, let me run over and join you"? Not cool.

JAY > Stu, what's cookin'? What's your take on the Tar Heels this year? How will they do with the big new coach from Kansas?

Jay, you got it twisted. Roy Williams is not the coach from Kansas. Roy's from North Carolina. We just loaned him to Kansas. And now that he's back home, he'll continue last year's trend, when Matt Doherty took a team with eight wins and made it a team with 19 wins, with huge upsets over Kansas, UConn, Duke and Maryland. It's about to be on for the Heels!

MELISSA OF GREEN BAY > Hey, Stu! If you had a restaurant at Lambeau it'd be sure to draw the crowds. what would you serve up?

I'd introduce the good people of Wisconsin to some pork BBQ-a close cousin of the bratwurst. Also Krispy Kreme doughnuts, hush puppies, collard greens. Not that this has anything to do with football. You just caught me when I'm hungry. I'd call it Stuart's Southern Fried Tundra.